Frequently Asked Questions

Q?What is your church affiliation?

Vandalia Christian School is a ministry of Vandalia Baptist Church; a fundamental, independent, Bible-believing church. We are supported by tuition, gifts, and fundraisers. Approximately ninety different churches are represented by our student body. Doctrinally, we align ourselves with Vandalia Baptist Church and its statement of faith.

Q?How big is Vandalia Christian School?

Presently we have an enrollment of over 700 and over 50 full-time faculty and staff members. We have four buildings on over 20 acres which house 3-year-old-kindergarten through the 12th grade. The Vandalia Baptist Church auditorium is also occasionally used.

Q?How much Bible teaching do the children receive?

Biblical principles are integrated into every aspect of our curriculum. Bible is a regular subject for all our students including scripture memorization. Once a week we have Chapel. Each teacher is a born-again believer serving as an excellent role model with a positive Christian testimony.

Q?What curriculum do you use?

Desiring to have the highest possible standard, we use a combination of Christian and secular textbooks that have been carefully selected after much prayerful review. The Christian textbooks that we use are printed by Bob Jones University and A Beka Book. For specific information on any particular grade, please call or talk to the administrator or principal. Course descriptions are available for the upper-grade levels.

Q?What kind of academic programs does Vandalia offer?

Vandalia offers a challenging curriculum that is designed to prepare our students for a variety of options upon graduation from high school. Students may choose a baccalaureate program that concentrates on the basics or an honors preparatory program that offers numerous advanced courses.

Q?What types of enrichment does Vandalia offer?

In accordance with our philosophy to educate the whole person, Vandalia strives to offer a variety of enrichment experiences for our students. At the elementary level, we offer music, band, computer, art and Spanish taught by qualified resource people for kindergarten through 6th grade. Additional opportunities for elementary include NCCSA Fine Arts Competition, Winter Basketball League (1st-7th), National Geography Bee, computer awareness/hands-on exposure, and educational field trips.

At the secondary level, our music program offers choir, ensemble, and band as curricular courses that feature public performances. Drama offers opportunities for visual performance in the arts. Keyboarding and computer science are popular courses for the skills they develop and are important in our information-driven society. Yearbook combines creativity with the technical skills used in the publishing industry. Student Council, Honor Society, and other extra-curricular organizations teach relational skills and provide a basis for interaction.

Students in grades 9-12 are given the opportunity to work in the community in a program called “Five-For-Jesus.” This program allows students to participate in community service projects off-campus under adult supervision. During the past school year VCS students gave more than 600 hours to community service/outreach.

Vandalia Christian School also offers Enrichment/Help classes to all students in grades K5-12th free of charge each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

Q?What are the school hours?

K3 – 6th Grades
8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

7th – 12th Grades
8:00 AM – 3:10 PM

All students may be dropped off as early as 7:30 AM without having to register for Extended Care.

Q?Do you provide extended daycare?

Yes. VCS offers morning extended care from 7:00am until 7:30am and afternoon extended care from 3:00pm until 6:00pm. There is an added fee for this program. Please refer to the fee schedule.

This program is open to all students enrolled at VCS. Any student, regardless of age or grade, MUST go to Extended Care if he is not picked up by 3:20 PM.

Q?Does Vandalia have a sports program?

Our high school and junior high compete with other schools in soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, golf and cheerleading through the North Carolina Christian School Athletic Association. Students wishing to participate in sports much keep at least a “C” average. VCS has had 18 state championship awards in our school history.

At the elementary level, we have a Winter Basketball League for grades 1-7. We also encourage our elementary students to participate in community league sports.

Q?What is the policy regarding parental involvement?

Parental participation is not required, but we are very thankful for the many hours of volunteer help given by parents who are able. We always have a job for willing hands!

For elementary, moms and dads have opportunities to help with grading, putting up bulletin boards, driving for field trips, organizing class parties, listening to reading, working with small groups, or working in the library.

Several times during the year our Parent/Teacher Fellowship sponsors fund-raising events. We are always in need of parental help for these events.

Parents wishing to have lunch with their children may do so, however, we ask that each parent check in with one of the offices to secure a visitor’s pass.

We also ask that visiting adults and children dress in accordance with the school dress code.

Q?Can I observe your classes?

By all means! Call for an appointment and we will be happy to arrange for a meaningful visit.

Q?How do I apply for admission?

After reviewing this information you may call the school office to ask about the next parent meeting. Once you’ve attended a meeting, questions have been answered and an application has been returned with the registration fee, testing for students entering grades 1-12 will be scheduled.

All new students will be tested using a portion of the SAT to determine basic knowledge of reading comprehension, math, and grammar. This timed test normally takes two hours. There is no need to prepare your child for this test, it is simply an evaluation tool to assist us in making sure we have the correct grade placement. You will be contacted with the results and final enrollment information.

If your student has Stanford Achievement scores available from a previous school for the previous school year, it is possible that we could waive testing. Our openings fill up quickly, so don’t delay in applying.

If you have any other questions or we can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to call us.