Opportunity Scholarship and Special Needs Grants

NCCSEA logoOn February 1, 2014, history will be made in North Carolina. This is the date when the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority (NCSEAA) will provide application information on its website, www.ncseaa.edu, so parents can apply for the new North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship Grants. The NCSEAA will begin awarding scholarship grants to parents on March 1, 2014. The NC General Assembly provided funding for approximately 2,500 students. However, if there is a large number of applicants, additional funds will be requested.

The new Children with Disabilities Scholarship Grant for special needs students also begins in 2014, and priority will be given to students who received a tax credit during the previous semester. Applica-tions for the spring 2014 semester are currently available on the State Education Assistance Authority website (www.ncseaa.edu).

Participating schools need to make parents aware of these opportunities. Typically, one of the best advertisements for schools are satisfied parents. Since these grants are currently available only to parents whose children are enrolled in public schools, it is important to let them know how to apply. Schools might ask their current parents to provide the names of potential applicants to contact. Current parents could also point family members, neighbors, or co-workers to information about the grants.

A website has been designed for parents to see if they qualify for the grant: www.schoolchoicenc.org. Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina (www.pefnc.org) is providing good information that can be posted on a school’s website or distributed to prospective parents. Please click this link to download the following information:

  1. Opportunity Scholarship Handout
  2. Parent Eligibility Handout
  3. Top 10 Things Schools Must Know Handout
  4. Sample Cover Letter for Parents
  5. Special Needs Scholarship Handout