Melissa Cross – High School

Mrs. Cross earned her Bachelor of Science degree in education from Pensacola Christian College. God has allowed her to be a teacher since 2009. She feels extremely blessed to work at Vandalia Christian School where she has been a part of Vandalia in the capacity of both student and teacher. She first came to Vandalia in the sixth grade. After high school graduation she had the incredible opportunity of fulfilling a teaching internship at VCS and has taught at VCS since 2010.
Mrs. Cross believes that God has called her to teach in the avenue of the Christian School. As a parent, she completely understands the importance of a classroom environment that emphasizes and reinforces the values that are taught in the home. As a teacher, it is her desire to see each of her students come to a saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, grow in their Christian walk and learn the material of the curriculum.