Viking Voice – 08/21/2013

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A Weekly Newsletter from the Administrator’s Office Vol. 18 No. 1
DO RIGHT: We Will Serve the Lord ~ Joshua 24:15
Be with those that bring out the BEST in you, not the STRESS in you.
August 21, 2013

Upcoming Events

Aug. 25-27                Missions Conference – 7:00pm each evening Vandalia Baptist Church
Aug. 26                    Special Missions Chapel Grades 3-12
Aug. 27                     Back-to-School Pictures
Aug. 28                    Drop/Add Ends for students in grades 7-12
Aug. 28                     Ident-A-Kid ID Pictures
Sep. 2                       Labor Day – School and Daycare Closed
Sep. 4                       Progress Reports Available through HeadMaster Online
Sept. 5                     WILDS Informational Meeting – 7:00pm Vandalia Baptist Church
Sep. 12                     Grandparent’s Day Luncheon – K3-6th Grade Only

Welcome and Welcome Back

     The Faculty and Staff of VCS would like to extend our warmest “Welcome to a New School Year” greeting to all of our school families.  May I remind you to please contact us if you have questions, suggestions, concerns or comments.  We are here to help.  Please contact Mrs. Keller for all school records questions, Mrs. James for discipline and attendance questions, Mrs. Overaker for financial questions, Mrs. Herriage for K3-6th grade questions, Mr. Cordova for 7th-12th grade questions, Coach Oates for athletic team questions and me for anything else you may have questions about.  Just call 379-8380 and ask for the person you need.  You will be transferred there.  Our prayer is that this will be a wonderful Christ-honoring school year!

Normally I am able to keep the Viking Voice to two pages, but this one will be a little longer due to the beginning of the year announcements!  Bear with me!

After School Care

     Parents, please remember that if your child is not signed up for After School Care and they are not picked up by 3:25pm, they will be taken over to the After School Care room.  If you find that you do need this service, please give Mrs. Herriage a call to see if there is room in the class.


     Whew!  One week down of carline!  And I must say that you all have done a wonderful job so far.  I will continue to do carline for the next few days.  However, there will always be teachers on-duty in front of the classroom building to assist with traffic and helpings students get out of their cars.  Please keep the following things in mind to help carline continue to move as smoothly as possible:  Never park your car in carline or in no parking zones, never stop along the side of the gym building, (that backs traffic up turning into the school), and pull your car up as far as you can in front of the buildings before letting your children out. Also, arriving before 7:45 in the morning or after 3:00 in the afternoon will make your drop-off and pick-up much faster.   Following these few requests will make carline run more smoothly for everyone!


     As most of you have heard, there was another school shooting incident yesterday.  Thankfully no was hurt.  We live in a very different and wicked world.  This past summer we had a security specialist come out and evaluate our campus and our emergency and lockdown protocols.  His evaluation was that we are doing a good job considering the design of our campus. But, I think we can do even more and we have good ideas in the works.  In the meantime, however, I was wondering if we have any parents or grandparents that would volunteer to be a part of a VCS security team to walk around the campus in the mornings and afternoons to be an extra set of eyes.  We will have a training session and supply identifying shirts.  (We will even feed you lunch on the days you volunteer!)  If you are interested in this program, please let me know.  Also, I am looking for a school parent to coordinate the schedule of volunteers as well.  This will entail a little more work, but can certainly be done at home.  Just let me know as soon as you can.  We would love to start the program very soon!

HeadMaster/VCS Website

     Last week you were emailed your login information.  If you have not logged in yet, please do so when you can.  There is a host of information about your child(ren) in the areas of academics, homework, attendance, etc.  Also, please take the time to visit when you can to see the school calendar, upcoming events, and much more.  If you have any problems with headmasteronline, please let me know.

Bookshelf Need

     Mrs. Gaydon, our Learning Resource teacher, is in need of a bookshelf.  Four or five shelves would be great.  If you have a used bookshelf you are no longer using and would like to donate it to her classroom, please let me know.


     This past summer I had the honor to travel to England, France and Spain with about 60 other students and educators.  (8 of which were from our school!) We had a wonderful 10 days and learned so much and saw many of the most beautiful sights in the world.  We will not be going to Europe this summer as I am planning to take a group of teachers to Uganda, Africa, to work with a Christian school there.  However, we are planning a trip to Austria, Germany and Lichtenstein the summer of 2015.  This will allow those that wish to go to have almost two years to pay for the trip!  We will have an informational meeting in the next few weeks.  Please keep an eye out for more information.  This trip is open to all students in grades 9-12 and grades 7-8 if accompanied by a chaperone.

VCS Subway Night

     Dear Vandalia Family, Wednesday, September 11 is going to be VIKING NIGHT at the Subway Restaurant located at 3212 Randleman Road across the street from the RUSH beside Food Lion.  (Only minutes from the school.)  From 5:00pm until 9:00pm VCS will receive a gracious percentage of the net sales.  Since Wednesday night is a night that many families have little time to prepare dinner before going to church, consider stopping by and get a healthy, fresh and delicious dinner…and help the school out at the same time!  We will have future VIKING NIGHTS on October 9, November 13 and December 11.  Tell your friends and other family member to come out for this great event.

Helping VCS While You Shop

     If you shop at Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Target or Lifeway, please consider linking your rewards card with our school.  We get quarterly checks from them that go toward the Christmas Teacher’s Bonus Program.  Thank you for your consideration of this blessing to the teachers!

Lost & Found

     Keep in mind that all lost items will be placed in “Lost & Found” in “A” and “C” buildings.  Please check these weekly if you are missing anything.  Please note that all of the unclaimed items will be donated to charity at the end of each month.  Also, a woman’s black mesh ¾ sleeve cover was left during orientation in “C” building as well as a Canon camera lens cover found after the Fitness Flippers program at the end of summer daycare.   

Nursery Care

     Rhonda McDowell has been associated with VCS for 15 years and her 3 children attend here.  She keeps children in her home and has kept both teacher’s kids and kids that have siblings here.  She still has a few openings this fall.  She is only 7 minutes from the school.  If you are interested in her home nursery care, please give her a call at 674-1742 or email her at

Business Advertisements

     Our school has been blest with numerous individuals that own their own businesses.  If you are one of those individuals and would like to let others know within our school family about your business, please let me know.  I will need you to send me an email with your name, your business’s name and your contact information.  After a few weeks I will compile that information and make it available to our school families.

Word from My Heart

     Well, I have some bad news.  For those of you that have been a part of the Vandalia Family, you might remember that I have written about my dog, Lucky, that was adopted into our family in 2002.  Lucky was a gift to my son, Drew, when he was in third grade for not getting any demerits…that was the first and only year, by the way.  Well, my 13 year old puppy died this summer.  It was a sad day at the Weatherford household and to make it worse, Drew was in Okinawa serving as a US Marine.  For years, I wrote about Lucky’s antics and encounters with the cats.  Then all of the sudden that ceased.  I still find myself expecting him to meet me at the door or wanting to go outside to “do his business” at 3:00am or wanting to get in the bed with me to get warm.

     His passing actually gave me pause to think about a few things.  I did not enjoy getting up in the middle of the night to let him out or giving him his flea medicine each month or the smell of wet dog that only he could give off…but I did enjoy him.  As we go through this life we are going to encounter things we don’t like or agree with.  But we need to get past the stuff of life and see the blessing of life.  God has given each of us people that show us love and show us how to love…the rest is just stuff.  Take a moment today to be thankful for the mess that your children make.  God certainly looks at our “messes” but loves us still.  Have a great beginning to this school year!

Dr. W